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Official NASSA Petition

We must change the name of  Uranus now. Don’t dick around and blow it, we can do it if we all come together over this hot issue. Europe has suffered enough, support URPEANIS now.     


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Fascinating Space Facts


We live on Planet Earth, it is spinning at 900 mph. There are an unknown amount of Planets and Moons. ( most likely 100’s of Millions.)

Unknown-1 There once were two earths, they collided and it slowed the earth down so we could live on it. There were two moons formed from the collisions debris and they collided and became one moon, the moon is higher on the dark side.


The Earth and Moon are circling the Sun at 69,000 Mph

Unknown (The Sun is a Star, we just call our star the Sun.)


(You evolved from star stuff.)

The  Sun is circling the Milky Way Galaxy at 40,000 Mph, it takes 200 Million years for one orbit.


The Milky Way is 100,000 light years in Diameter (across)

(Hercules A, another Galaxy, is 1.5 million light years across)


The Milky Way is 16,000 light years thick, its contains 100 Billion Stars


Where  Earth is, is only 3,000 Light Years Wide.


Earth is 30,000 Light  years  from the galactic Center.

The Milky Way is moving a Million miles per day away.

The next nearest Galaxy is Andromeda, it is 2.5 Million light years from us.


The speed of light is 670, Million Mph plus.

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The universe is expanding in every direction at the rate of  12 Million miles per Second.


It is  one of  100 Billion Galaxies.

Adding these speeds together,

right this moment, you are moving at approx. 720 Million Miles per hour. ( Fast aren’t you ?)


There may be 100 Billion Universes  ( Multi-verses)

It is most likely Universes grow, rather than being made, or put together like a machine or object.

What’s it  all about Alfie???

(God only Knows?)








Golf, Mulligan Madness


20151130_193241-1 the first advise a father ever gave his son in golf was by an old Scotsman, he said, ” Slow down laddie, ye Nae hit it on the backswing ya know.”

Do you know what Scottish people call a Mullligan?

“You’d be lyin’ three then ay?”



David Leadbetter meets the world’s greatest golf instructor, the Guru of Golf James Vilberg

Screenshot_2015-11-11-22-57-30-1Screenshot_2015-11-30-19-28-06-1_resized  Sam Snead, ” I like my mind blank and my body Loosey Goosey.” 


 I played a lot of  golf with Jimmy Walker’s Uncle,  Johnny Walker….

Condom History



What’s not to like about condoms, I have three on right now. I like it that you can not feel anything when you wear one. Isn’t that just great. Avoid heat and wetness. Feel Zippo…